Young men left disappointed after putting their girlfriends to test by flashing them to see who’ll call back first (Video)

A group of young men have played a game wherein they flashed their girlfriends to see which of them would call back first.

The five men said to be students of Gregory University Uturu, Abia state placed their phones on the bed and decided to flash their girls as part of a fun

students girlfriends

They each put a call at the same time and ended it after it rang once, but they were disappointed when only one of their girlfriends called by back.

After waiting for a few seconds and no other one called back, they all exclaimed in shock. One of them could be heard saying; ”Na breakup straight”

students girlfriends2

They even counted to ten to see if any call would come in before the countdown ends, but nothing of such happened.

Watch video HERE


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