Women share photos of how pregnancy ‘humbled them’ and changed their looks (Photos)

Mothers have started a new challenge on social media and it is warming the hearts of many people.

The challenge involves sharing photos taken before or after the pregnancy, showing changes their bodies went through.


The photos are being shared with the hashtags #PregnancyWill HumbleYou and #PregnancyHumbledMe.

On-Air Personality, Tolu Oniru-Demuren aka Toolz jumped on the challenge by sharing her pregnancy photo and another image of her.

She wrote : “They called me Nostrildamus! Is this an official challenge now?? I’ve always found it so fascinating how these tiny little creatures end up changing us mums so much physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham shared a pregnancy photo of herself on Instagram to show how she was also humbled by pregnancy.

Below are photos of other people who were also humbled by pregnancy:

Sharing her own photos, @maureensings on Instagram wrote: “Is not everytime fine picture. And this is how pregnancy humbled this beautiful baby girl. If you laugh, I pour you pepper.”

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