Woman Gives Birth To Twins, One In 2021, Other In 2022 (Photos)

A set of twins born in California have made history after they were born in two different years merely separated by a 15-minutes gap.


From a report shared by People, the woman at the centre of the record-making, Fatima Madrigal went into labour on New Year’s Eve at 11:45 pm and gave birth to a son named Alfredo.

15 minutes later into the new year, Madrigal and her husband Robert Trujillo welcomed their second baby, a girl they christened Aylin.

What this means is that the new bundle of joy have different birthdays both in date, month, and year.

The proud mother explained that she was surprised and happy that the second twin arrived at midnight, which makes the twins have unique birthdays.

“It’s crazy to me that they are twins and have different birthdays,” Madrigal said in a press release from the Natividad Medical Center.

According to family doctor Dr. Ana Abril Arias, the rare occurrence was definitely one of the most memorable deliveries of her career.

She added that it was an absolute pleasure to have been responsible for ensuring the twins are delivered safely in different years.

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