Wife Attáćkś Her Cheàting Husband, Breaks Bôttle On His Head in Front of his side chick (Video)

A married woman has gone berserk on her husband after she caught him on her with his sidekick at a bar in South Africa.

Apparently, upon sighting her cheating husband, the woman ignored the sidechick and went completely bonkers on her man, attacking him with last ounce of her energy.

In a circulating the social media, the woman could be seen beating and dragging her husband on the floor whilst people stare.

The situation got messy when she broke bottles on his head, people had to interfere to prevent her from killing the man who was bleeding profusely.

This is definitely a plot twist to the established narrative of married women going after the mistresses of their husbands instead of holding their partner responsible.

Watch the video below:

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