Why I Hired Thugs to Beat Up My Child’s Teacher – Nigerian Man Explains (Video)

This is one of those kinds of stories I enjoy – stories that spark conversation. Today’s story is a story that asks the question, “how far should we go for our children?” and “how far are we willing to go to show our children we love them?” It asks the question – “if you’re child comes to you crying about something that happened in school, what is the right way to react or the right action to take?” Today’s parent was faced with a scenario like this and handled it in a way that I will let you be the judge of.

Without further ado, here’s everything that happened.

Mr Abidemi and his cohorts

In Ogun State, a 35 year old man by the name of Abidemi Oluwaseun was arrested for allegedly hiring hoodlums to beat up the school teacher of his 15 year old daughter.

According to the state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, the father, Abidemi, stormed his daughter’s school, Baptist Girls College Idi-Aba, Abeokuta with two hired thugs, Fayesele Olabanji (25) and Alebiosu Quawiyu (24) to attack the teacher. The men were allegedly armed with a brand new cutlass and came into the school with an unregistered vehicle threatening to hack down the teacher.

After seeing the three men, alarm was raised and the school principal called the police. Upon the distress call, the DPO, Kemta division, CSP Opebiyi Sunday, mobilized his men and went to the scene where the three men were apprehended. The unregistered Toyota car and cutlass were recovered from them and the men were taken in for questioning.

During his interrogation, the police asked him the big question:

Why Would He Do This?

The school where it happened

Mr. Abidemi said:

I hired the two men to the school to teach the teacher who beat my daughter the lesson of his life.

He hired two thugs to beat up the teacher of his 15 year old daughter because the teacher flogged her. Now get this, the police investigated the matter and it turns out that:

While the teacher was teaching, some of the students including the suspect’s daughter were mocking the teacher and distracting other students. The teacher after identifying those disturbing the class, caned them as a corrective measure. But the suspect’s daughter went home and reported to her father, consequent upon which her father mobilized two thugs and stormed the school with the cutlass.

The State Commissioner of Police has now ordered that the father Abidemi and the thugs be investigated further and charged to court.

People reacting to the story originally reported by The Punch have been on opposite sides of the fence. Some people, including myself, are of the opinion that we see no sense in the man hiring thugs to beat his daughter’s school teacher just because the man flogged her, while there’s the other camp of people who are saying that the teacher shouldn’t have flogged the daughter at all and has thus, gotten a taste of his own medicine.

Which camp do you fall to? Do you think the father, Mr. Abidemi was right in going after the teacher or do you think he shouldn’t have?

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