Twin brothers Who They Can’t Live Without Each Other Gets married to one woman (Photos)

The story of twins sharing things such as clothes, careers, professions, occupations, weddings, properties, and even sometimes dying on the same date has been told and retold. In some instances which is also very rare, twin sisters would prefer getting one man as their husband.

But the decision by twin brothers to marry one woman has left many in stitches after amicably settled on one woman as their lovely wife.

Their marriage journey started when the lady, Mary Josiane, was dating one of the twin brothers. Josiane said while dating she never knew her boyfriend had a twin brother and the boyfriend never told her about his twin brother.

Also, she never met them together.

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One day, as she was on her dating date, Josiane met the other twin and she approaches him with lots of love and hugged him knowing very well she was with the love of her heart. The guy couldn’t resist the overwhelming love she was shown. That’s how her journey of polyandry started.

Their love boomed until to her shock when she met the twin brothers together.  she had nothing to do because she was even unable to distinguish the two.

Since the love between the three was beyond their words, they decided to stay together. The lady was also happy about the brothers’ decision to marry her.

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At first, it was difficult for her and the villagers in one of the regions in Rwanda as a majority of them were in big shock.

According to Afrimax English, which aired their story, the three have been staying together for the past two years and are expecting their firstborn very soon.

The twins have also agreed to sleep with their wife in turns, which means when one sleeps with the lady the other sleeps in the other room, to avoid a possible conflict of interest in the bed.

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