Shop Owner Catches A Thief Trapped Trying To Steal From Her Shop (Video)

An unidentified teenage thief has been caught red-handed sealing from a mini shop in the early hours of the day.

A video shared online shows the moment the young man was trapped and held captive by the iron protector door of the shop while trying to sneak outside.

It seems the owner of the shop went some distance away from the shop as she locked only the metal protector and left the main door open.

The boy who seems to have been monitoring the movement of the shop owner saw it as an opportunity and decided to hurriedly steal something from the shop.

At first, he successfully passed a narrow space of the iron protector into the shop and commenced his operation. Unluckily to him, he was caught and was asked to come out of the shop.

The burglar quietly complied and as he was trying to sneak out through the means he used previously, while trapped by the cage.

He was surrounded by some angry youth and the shop owner who threatens to cut off his neck if he did not come out to meet them.

His head could be seen outside as he struggled to go out of the shop. A voice could be heard saying that it is not his first time engaging in the act as karma finally decided to catch up with him.

The young boy finally went out and those men quickly grabbed him on his clothes and took off his shirt.

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