Sėė Whÿ Aki & Pawpaw at age 37 & 41 years still can’t give Birth and have Children…

In the early 2000, the Sensation and the drill at that time was “Two Little stubborn Midgets” namely Aki and Pawpaw real names Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme. At an era of no DVD’s but Cassette we trooped to every Cinemas to watch their Latest Release regardless of what the story entailed once we were assured of a good laughter.

As many of us believed those two Actors at that time were nothing but two Stubborn Kids used in Movie roles to assume a character of theirs, that off-course was not the reality as “Aki and Pawpaw” as that time were in their early 20’s.

Fast Track to 2019 and this Two popular Actors are approaching age 50 as Aki aka Chinedu Ikedieze is 41 years and Osita Iheme aka Pawpaw is 37 years. But one question that has bothered many minds are their love life if they even have any..

It was reported that Osita Iheme got married in 2017, but several months after, it all boils down to another media rumor. Shortly after his close pal and colleague, Chinedu Ikedieze tied the knot, all eyes turned on Iheme with speculations that he will soon follow suit.

But as of the time of writing this Chinedu Ikedieze aka Aki is happily married to a beautiful woman named Nneoma Nwaijah and Osita Iheme aka Pawpaw is still not married though rumors suggest he’s dating. But the question of many is why this two have never bore any children yet as some of their fans are expectant.

A while ago, in January 2017, Chinedu Ikedieze shared a photo of himself with the newborn baby on social media. This created a huge confusion in the media – all the news issues were saying that he and his wife have welcomed a child. However, Chinedu Ikedieze quickly denied these rumors. He said that the child is not his own daughter, but his niece.

At age 37 and 41, Aki and Pawpaw have still not bore any child, well giving birth is not a marriage priority to everyone, however unconfirmed reports suggests this two Veteran Actors inability to conceive and bore children is due to their stature and medical difficulties both pair are suffering from, though we are made aware they still working out things to get a baby result someday, we still believe at the right time God’s handiwork would manifest in Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze love and marriage life with lots of babies!


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