Sêé What This Beautiful Lady Posted On Faceb00k Hours Before She T00k Her Lîfe (Photos)

The friends of a young lady identified as Rubygold Olamide on Facebook are currently mourning her after she reportedly took her life overnight. The news about Olamide’s death have been trending on Facebook for some hours and after going through what those who are close to her said, it was deducible that the young lady committed suicide. Yesterday, Olamide took to her facebook page to share some disturbing posts but people did not pay attention to her until it was too late.

In one of the posts that she shared last night, Olamide says ‘I actually spoke out. I asked for help. I swallowed up my pride and asked for help. I really did. But, no one could help. I met with either silence, rejection or no. But then, I still say Thank You’. Subsequently, Olamide wrote another poem that she captioned as ‘Help me tell my daddy, Help me tell my Mommy, I am sorry’. In her poem, she narrates how everyone around her- friends and relatives are failing her. In one of the lines, Olamide writes that ‘Mama wants a promising child, Papa wants a goal achieving daughter, I am delighted to tell you I am none, I am like a stranded queen on an empty throne.’

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She continues that ‘Tell them I tried being the best as they wanted, that it was my desire to live life to please them but I ended up displeasing a whole bunch of people. Life is short, No, I meant my life is short, I know because I can sense death in its cold aura. I have so many things to achieve though, I just hope they will be possible in such a short time. I can feel it, I can sense it.’

See what Olamide posted that got people emotional:

Olamide wrote a lot of poems describing what she was going through and how she could perceive death around the corner. She shared this post on facebook yesterday and while her friends were trying to reach out to her, they learnt that she has taken her life.

Olamide’s Pictures from her Facebook Upload:

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Her friends narrated how they used to chat and how they tell each other everything was going to be okay. One of her friends that have been with her for roughly 2 years shared screenshot of their hilarious conversations. Olamide has left so many people that cared about her in pain and sadness. She has left a hole in the hearts of her parents. After Olamide shared the suicidal post online, two other persons also commented that they are also contemplating suicide. People have traced one of them but the other one is still unreachable.

From her poems, it sounds like Olamide was having troubles at home because she kept saying that she did not make her parents happy. In a particular line, she said ‘Help me tell Mama, especially, Help me tell her that her words of anger are taking their tolls over a shattered life. That her bad words have gained a lot is ascendancy over the good ones’

See her poems:

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Please, let us all pay close attention to everyone around us. A lot of people are going through depression and they try to communicate it to us but we do not see beyond their jokes and humor. There are so many suicidal hearts who are laughing but something is going on within them. If we pay close attention to those who are contemplating suicide, we may probably save a life before it is too late. Let us all learn a lesson from Olamide.

Many people who know Olamide described her as a very brilliant mind and also dexterous. Her poems have motivated a lot of people on social media but they did not know what she was going through. A User who said she met her on Scribbled Pen testifies that she was one of the most brilliant writers on the platform. She was a promising mind but she was going through depression silently and it later overwhelmed her.

See her friends reactions:

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