Nollywood star Chinedu Ikedieze, His Beautiful wife and 9yrs old Adorable Daughter (Photos)

As a Nigerian and a lover of Nollywood Movies, you will definitely know the two comic actors who played as Brothers and never disappoints in their Roles.

Chinedu Ikedieze also known as Aki was Born 12, December 1977 and has become one of the most Popular names in the Nigerian Movie Industry.


He became Popular in the Movie Aki na Ukwa where he acted as a Brother to Osita Iheme and they were both called Aki and Pawpaw.


They acted as very troublesome Children who will never listen to their Parents and will always look for trouble in the community.


Although, Many wouldn’t know they weren’t kids because of their Heights, until you know their ages and see how old they really are.

They can both act well as Kids and as an adult, which proves their versatility in the Movie Industry and why they are now Big actors today.


There is always time for everything as Aki decided to tie the knot with the Love of His life in 2011.

There was much News about how beautiful His wife is and how lucky He was to get such lady despite his Height.

To prove doubters wrong, they did their traditional wedding on the 26th of November 2011 in Imo state and things have been different since then for the Nollywood star.


Many also asked Questions if truly His wife married him because of love or the money and fame he has.

To prove doubters wrong again, Chinedu’s wife Nneoma Nwaijah has always been a Fashion designer who runs an exotic fashion store in Lagos.


God has blessed their Marriage with a Beautiful daughter who is now 8 years of age.


Chinedu has focused more on TV series now as he’s one of the lead actors in the Popular Drama called The Johnsons and acts as Efetobore Johnson.

He acts as an intelligent Son who’s working towards becoming big and always well encouraged by His Father.

He’s one of the love serving Nollywood actors we still have in the Industry and currently worth $3.5 million in the Net worth.


As a successful Man, it’s a known fact that most women will always want that Kind of Man in their lives. So do you think Aki’s wife Nneoma would have looked elsewhere if he wasn’t rich

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