“Please don’t send me back to Nigeria” – Man begs on his knees at UK airport (Video)

A video which surfaced online shows a man who travelled from Nigeria to UK creating a scene at Heathrow airport after officials found out that his papers were not genuine.

The Nigerian man identified as Okpegwa Benson could be seen telling a female airport official identified as Bahli Rupri that he had complete papers and worked in the UK.

In the video shared by Real Responders on Facebook, the official who suspected fowl probed further and the man changed narrative.

With a pitiful look, Benson pleaded that he was actually given the passport by a good Samaritan who offered to help him considering his bad situation in Nigeria.

He pleaded passionately, saying that he had lost both parents after they were murdered by robbers and added that his life was at risk if returned to Nigeria.

Watch the video HERE

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