Nigerian Woman left in tears After Reading WhatsApp Conversation Between Her Husband And His Dead Brother’s Wife (Scrèènshots)

A woman took to a Facebook group to share her ordeal and how she suspects that her husband has been sleeping with his late brothers wife.

See the post below.

“Good afternoon sir, please help me post, I sent it yesterday but wasn’t approved, please help me am dying don’t know what to do. This is a chat between my husband and his late brother’s wife, mummy my husband always delete their chats and I wonder why, he dropped his phone to use the bathroom, I quickly pick it up because of the way he was chatting and smiling. This is what I saw. I screengrab and send to my phone immediately. Sir help me post am loosing it, how do I handle this, me and my mate are very close, when she lost her husband I was there for her, why would she do this to me. Is it bad to be nice. I need help me????:

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