Nigerian Man K!lled by a ‘spiritual snake’ which was sent to him by someone (Video)

A Nigerian man identified as Anthony Oregon has been killed by a ‘spiritual snake’ which was allegedly sent to him by someone in Edo State.

Nigerian Man Gets Killed By 'Spiritual Snake' Allegedly Sent By Unknown Person In Edo 1

A Facebook user, Shadrack Okpomhe, who shared the news on his page, said someone had called the deceased to inform him that pigs were feeding on his crops.

There were no pigs on his farm when Anthony got there, he only saw a big snake, which flew and bit him in his leg before he manage to kill the poisonous serpent.

His leg got swollen and he didn’t survive the poisonous bite. The deceased was laid to rest on May 26, after a funeral mass at Saint Philomena Catholic Church in Edo.

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