Nigerian Lady, Nikki FeFe shows off N200,000 she received after her romance with a guy (Video)

A Nigerian lady, quite prominent on Facebook for her raunchy comments and posts, shocked many of her followers when she engaged in coitus on her Instagram page during a live session.

The lady, Nikki took followers by surprise when she said most of the men who would like to have a fling with her can’t afford her services and went on to show off the money a man laying on the bed, awaiting her services, paid her.

Showing off the wad of cash which she claims is N200k, the lady revealed that a man —visibly seen laying on a bed behind her— paid her the amount so she can “render her services” to him.

She then proceeded to state that she’ll be showing off her bedmatic skills on the man which people can’t perform. Nikki, to the surprise of many, really went down on the man while clad in bed sheets.

Her video has since began serving rounds on social media.

You can check for it on her Instagram handle.

This is surprising!

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