Nigerian Lady Almost Died After Drinking Dittol During The Alcohol Challenge (Video)

A TikTok video circulating on social media shows a woman purportedly collapsing after consuming a substance thought to be Dettol.

Alchohol challenge has been popular on Tik tok for the past few days, with people pouring various liquids over their bodies.

The challenge was inspired by a line from Joe Boy’s new song, “That’s why I sip my alcohol,” I’m done with rationalizing awful things. I don’t want to return to the place where I was before…”

Following the challenge, however, other women, including guys, have been pouring various liquids over their bodies while grooving to the lyrics.

Outrage was triggered by a video of a woman who used a bottle of dettol for her personal challenge and was seen drinking from it.

Shortly after the first video was released, another video of the same girl in an extremely distressing state appeared on the internet. She lady was seen laying on the floor with froth pouring out of her lips in the second video. Reacting to this, a Twitter user identified as Smada stated on Twitter that JoeBoy should be arrested.

Watch Video Below;

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