Nigerian Ladies now using fake nïpple bras to deceive men (Watch)

Ladies have once again discovered a new scam — that is, deceiving us with fake nipple bras.

As if make up scam and but pads are not enough, now we have standing nipples scam. What did we do wrong to deceive all these deceptions?

How can we know original from the fake now that everything looks real and identical. Maybe we need to start touching each n*pple to know if it is original or not before we engage into any relationship to avoid being scammed.

Note: Touch any n*pple at your own risk… lol

Photos trending on social media sees a lady wearing one.

When you see the lady at first sight, you’d probably be licking your mouth out of admiration

But you should know now that not all of those nipples you’ll be seeing in town are real.

Take a look at the photos below:

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