“Na N6 Million.. Let The Oppression Begin” — Nigerian Youths Brag As They Show Off Their IPhone 13 Pro Max (Video)

A viral video shows the moment some Nigerian youths were flaunting their brand new iPhone 13 pro max, which was released barely a month ago.

Six iPhones were placed on a dining table as the boys bragged about the price and stated that it is worth more than some people’s father’s car and house.

While they were bragging, another dude placed his iPhone 12 on the table alongside the iPhone 13s, but he was shunned and asked to remove it with immediate effect.

“How much altogether… Na 6 million
Your papa GLK
Your papa land
Your papa private jet
Let the oppression begin”, they could be heard saying.

The video has generated mixed reactions on social media as some netizens opine that they’ve made themselves easy prey for officials of the Economic Financial Crimes Commission.

biancahorchids1 wrote, “Efcc save this video tracking them now😂”

theogbeniopa wrote, “EFCC typing…”

romeofb wrote, “When they parade them in public after arrest, they start blaming people from their villages. It’s like a curse money made fraud

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