!mpregnate Me Please, I Will Put The Baby On My Husband’s Head – Married Woman Begs her Ex-Boyfriend, See Leaked F ACEB00k Chat (Photos)

DNA test is a detection method use for the verification of the parternity of a child, or/and forensic cases. But in this context, DNA Test is use for the confirmation of a child’s paternity. It is used to solve legal cases that involves paternity disputes.

Some days ago, a case of a married woman by the name Moyo Thomas who was said to have revealed to her now late late husband some time ago, that the two kids he thought was his, actually belongs to her boss.

The lady was a banker working with FCMB, and this was where she and her boss had the office affair that bore two lovely children. It is said that Moyo filed a case against her husband, after she left with the children for a vacation in the US for which she did not want to return.

Mr. Tunde Thomas, Moyo’s late husband suffered partial stroke, got better and started picking the pieces of what was left , before he slumped and died, as was reported last week.

To this end, many medical practitioners took to the social media space to admonish men to carryout DNA test. The case of many men fathering other men’s children is on the rise, and will continously be because of the fact that many young ladies marry who is ready, and not who they love.

These screenshots below will further confirm that this menace is eating deep and will continue if not curbed. What is your take on this? Follow, like, and share for more content. Thank you.

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