Meet Andrew Jones, Man Who Moves About With His Heart In A Bag Pack (Video)

26-year-old Andrew Jones from Connecticut is one of the greatest testimony of the application of modern day technology to medical treatment as he lives and goes around with an artificial heart, cased in a bag for portability.

He developed the illness around 2012 when he could not breath normally during his daily exercise as a bodybuilder. Andrew was eventually diagnosed with a disease named Cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart.

Consequently, he was near being paralysed as he could not make any locomotive act again. Due to unavailability of donor, the great Doctors came up with the idea of fitting him up with a pacemaker and an artificial heart which he now backs in a school-bag as he moves around.

Now, Andrew is back to the gym and already gains his body fitness as he shows off what he is made of in the photos below:

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