Man Returns Home From Abroad, Finds Out Someone is Building 4-Bedroom House on His Land, Many React (Photos)

Diplomat and award-winning Zambian writer Anthony Mukwita recently came back to his home country after nearly a decade of living abroad.

Mukwita served as the deputy ambassador at the Embassy of Zambia in Stockholm, Sweden, where he was based with his wife Elaine and two children, Lubinda and Lushomo.

Land grabbed

As much as he looked forward to a wonderful Christmas season, his mood was dampened when he went to visit one of his pieces of land and found that it had been grabbed.

Evidently, the unknown individual took advantage of his absence and not only took ownership of the property but also went ahead to start developing it.

The winner of the World Bank Investigative Journalism Award said that he and his wife Elaine had a rude awakening when they visited their land in the sprawling Kabangwe hood.

“Some wise guy has started and is almost completing building a four bedroomed house. The land is jointly in our name spouse and me. What would you do?” he asked.

Netizens advise him to sell the land

Social media users told the former managing director of the Zambia Daily Mail to look for the owner and sell the plot to him so that both individuals do not lose their investments.

A few, however, opined that he stayed away from his land for so long that it looked abandoned thereby opening it up to repossession and grabbing.

Musunga Mushinge: “Resolve by selling him the land at the current rate plus compensation for the inconvenience he has caused so that he doesn’t lose his investment as well. Win-win for both parties.”

Charity Mphande: “Thank the person for being generous enough to start building on your behalf. On a serious note though, just sell the person that land considering the fact that you have elsewhere where you can start from.”

Fred Kaluwe Milambo “At least it’s a case of someone building on your land. I initially thought it was a case of you sending money back home only to come back and find something different.”

Memory Mwila: For the guy to build that big house it means you haven’t been to that place in a long time. Just leave and let him continue.

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