Man Beats wife MercilessIy For Sleeping With Boys In The Boutique he opened For Her (Video)

A story is currently going viral and it shows how an event and music promoter identified as Prince Martin Juuko stripped his wife and beat her up for sleeping with her boyfriends in men’s wear shop he opened for her. The shop operates from MM Plaza in Kampala city centre in Uganda.

He revealed that he reportedly tied up his wife, beat her up and tortured her in the cruellest way possible after catching her redhanded cheating on him with one of the men.

Martin Juuko who was very angry beat up his wife brutally before he arrogantly posted the photos which had his wife very injured on his Facebook wall.

He accused his wife identified as Brenda Namuyomba of turning his shop into ‘a brothel’ where she changes men and invites them over just to have a good time with her sekzually and satisfy herself.

In his post, he wrote;

“My dear customers of Praise shop of Juuko Martin at MM Plaza, I’m sorry I decided to close the shop shortly because my woman Brenda Namuyomba had turned it as her prostitution office while she is my wife, My woman has turned into a prostitute. She removes the knickers I bought her for another man.

She gets everything. I give her money in dollars, I even bought her a car, I fly her abroad frequently, I gave her a bungalow in Munyonyo, but she still cheats on me. What even hurts me most is that she sleeps with my friends as well.”

Check out the photos below;

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