Lady sheds tears of joy as her boyfriend proposes at their graduation ceremony

A romantic young man moved his girlfriend to emotions when he proposed to her at their recently held graduation ceremony.

Emmanuel Laguma asked his girlfriend, Esther Makau to marry him while they were doing their convocation and this came as a pleasant surprise to her.

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In photos which have gone viral, he could be seen on one knee as he popped the big question to his woman who said Yes during Daystar University’s graduation ceremony on Friday in Kenya.

Jase Mwangi, the photographer who captured the heart-warming moment, revealed that Makau had no idea that Laguma would propose at the graduation ceremony held at the main campus in Athi River, Kenya.

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The photographer told Tuco; “Emmanuel was my main client as he hired me to cover the graduation. Unknown to his girlfriend, he planned on asking for her hand in marriage.

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“I took several photos of them before asking them to remove the gowns. She was shocked as she did not expect him to propose that soon. She kept looking at her mother.

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“Her mother was really happy. The people were initially confused by what was happening but once they figured it out, they cheered for the couple.”

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