Korra Obidi’s Husband Reveals How Many Times She Cheated on Him – Makes An Apology Video (Watch)

Nigerian Dancer, Korra Obidi’s American husband, Justin Dean, has taken a new turn in their marriage crisis.

In a post made during the week, he shocked many when he announced they would be getting a divorce.

Dean’s announcement took many by surprise because the couple had always painted a picture of being happily married, and they welcomed their second child just a week ago.

In a new video he shared on social media, Justin said he is sorry for calling his estranged wife, Korra Obido a chronic cheater, however he maintained that every other thing he said during his outburst is true and the two girls from Korra are his daughters.

The Father of two went on to apologise for the comment. He added that she only cheated once at the start of their relationship, he forgave her and they are trying to moved past it.




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