“I’m so happy” – My wife cheated with a married man and his Wife beat her up – Nigerian man rejoices (Photos)

When people say that God works in mysterious ways, they’re referring to this terrible and beautiful story.

On Twitter, someone responded to the question “What are you excited about today?” by writing:.

As soon as he realized he had the chance to celebrate, he grabbed it with both hands.

Twitter users applauded him on his good fortune after he tweeted, “I am thrilled since my girlfriend cheated on me and the wife of the man she had sex with beat her up,” he said.

Informing the wife who kicked her that she is doing well, sweetie, is the best thing you can do for her.

The following are some of the responses we’ve received:

My brother, you’re serving a living God. We must unite as brothers to resist this because black men do not cheat.

I found it humorous when two customers, both of whom were white men, were heard laughing over something they had read online. Because of this, I’m curious as to why the married man’s wife beat the girl rather than his unfaithful spouse.

Re: “I Am So Happy My Girlfrien

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