“I’m not your driver, I’m your son” – Guy fights his mother for not sitting at the front seat while he drives her (Video)

The video of a young Nigerian man verbally attacking his mother for sitting at the back seat while he drives was shared online with netizens having a thing or two to say about it.

The video which was shared by the guy’s mother shows him arguing with her just as they were about to go out in the car. In the beginning of the video, his mom is heard asking him what the cause of their fight was that morning and in response, he asks her why she would sit in the back seat while he drives.

He then questions her on why his case is different when he’s driving her unlike when his sibling or dad drives her and at those times, she sits in the front seat.

Sharing the video on her page, the lady wrote,

When I talk about generation Z 😂🙌🎆trust me I know what I am talking about !How do you parents

Watch the video as you scroll,

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