I’m 25, My Boyfriend Is 62yrs Old;; He Can last 2hrs In Bed (Video)

After many heartbreaks from younger men, I’m at a point in my life where I am truly in love and happy. I feel relieved, the quest is over but the only problem is my lover’s age.

My name is Priscilla, friends call me Cece. I am thirty years old and my relationship life had been a very ‘tragic’ one before I met Otunba a divorcee. He is 62 but has the heart of a 30 year old man.

Before I met him, I already told myself there would be no more men, my experiences will make you cringe in sympathy and pity. By sheer will and determination, I managed to survive my last outbreak which almost made me a vegetable!

Otunba changed it all. He showers me with the kind of love and care I never imagined existed. He cooks (not buy) my food, brings lunch to my office, rubs my feet, makes me feel happy and complete!

I am ready to marry him, but my problem is how to introduce him to my parents, especially my father who is just 59! I can picture my mother going on her knees to greet him just to embarrass him and me.

The truth is; I can’t date a young man anymore, they almost broke me.

I stylishly hinted to my mom that one if my friends had just found true love using my case…she looked at me and said “Cece, that is not true love, that is true rubbish” I saw her eyes and knew it would be tough.

Maybe I should just get pregnant and give them no choice. I love Otunba with all my heart and he adores me… His first daughter is a couple of years older than me and she hates me, but I know she would change with time after I convince her I’m not after the money.

Please advice me…yes, when I’m 50, he would be 82… I know that already and it doesn’t matter.

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