“I will take off my hijáb soon, the Bible is more truthful than the Quran” – Muslim lady cries Out (Video)

A certain Muslim lady by name Aisha has taking to Twitter to express what she considers as the truth between the Bible and the Quran.

In her own words, she confessed that she would soon be taking off her hijab as she has carefully observed that the Bible is more truthful.

In a world where children are liable to break off their parental religion when they get to the age of knowledge; knowing what’s right and what’s wrong. Aisha seem to have made her own choice.

She tweeted:

Considering the undertone of her tweet, she seem to have been struggling with this decision for a while.

Even at that, she doesn’t sound entirely convinced but in her opinion she has found the truth.

Hence, she has requested for a Bible teacher.

What advice would you give Aisha?

I have a feeling that she’s fed up of something and she’s been searching for what’s right and it seem she has found it.

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