“I Just Hold Something, I Did Not Kill Him”, Lady Who Grabbed Ruger’s Pe nis Laments (video)

The lady who indecently touched music star, Ruger while he was performing on stage, has broken silence after fans faulted and condemned her action.

Recall that Ruger walked off stage during a recent event when an unknown lady grabbed his manhood.

In a new video that surfaced online, the lady whose name is not yet known, claimed she wanted to embrace him but her hand mistakenly grabbed his manhood.

The lady further criticised Nigerians for laying curses on her over the ‘mistake’.

I’m not saying I’m not sorry for whatI did but I don’t like fact that everybody will just be cursing at me. Ijust hold something I did not kill him and if he angry that I hold his thing that means he is not a good artiste. Why would he be angry that hold (sic) his thing?

“I just wanted to embrace him but my hand touched there. It was just a mistake probably, it was a mistake.

“Please nobody should curse me because if you’re in my shoe you’ll do the same thing. I saw something and said let me hold it, is it a crime” she said.


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