Hair stylists & Barbers are selling human hair for rituals’ – Lady shares her scary experience at a salon (Watch)

A Nigerian woman has shared her experience with a hairdresser who allegedly sold hairs to a “big man” for a colossal amount of money.

According to the lady who warned people not to leave their hairs on the floor after visiting a salon, she caught a stylist selling hairs to a man.

In her words:

“I went to saloon this morning to make my hair. As I was entering the saloon, I noticed one big man inside with the hairstylist. As they saw me, they didn’t continue their conversation, the hairstylist just carried a leather bag full of hair and gave it to the man.

The man then carried a bunch of money and gave it to the woman. When it was time to make my hair, my mind said I should ask her the meaning of what she had just done.

So I asked her, madam na hair una dey sell now? she said noo ooo. say the man dey burn hair. say them dey burn hair. Say make I forget the matter.”

Watch the video below:

Watch the video below:


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