Two security guards sacked for dancing on duty finally speaks up (Video)

Two young security guards who lost their jobs at a popular eatery after a video of them dancing while on duty went viral on social media have cried out over the treatment they received.

We shared a video few days ago, where they were spotted dancing at the entrance door. The two of them executed some choreographed dance moves in the presence of customers who were enjoying their meals.

Sadly, the owner of the fast food establishment saw the video and directed that they be sacked.

In a new video, the men who wore mufti, stood outside their former workplace and claimed that their ex-employer refused to pay their salary despite working till the end of the month. New security guards had already replaced them at the duty post.

According to them, the manager of the security firm that employed them refused to pay their February salary and ignored their calls when they reached out.




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