God is Greet : See Where 2 Oceans Meet And Do Not Mix (Photos)

The photograph shows that foam is formed between the two different bodies of water meeting in the middle of Alaskan Gulf. It appears as if the two oceans are colliding rather than mixing. It is said that the foam was the result of the melting glacier that is composed of fresh water.
The ocean water has a higher percentage of salt. These caused the two bodies of water to have different densities. Because of the salinity and density differences, a thin wall was produced which does not allow the two different bodies of water to merge. This explains why the two different bodies of water did not mix. But given enough time, they will eventually mix together.

The said photograph was taken last year. The photographer was sitting on the deck for quite some time when he noticed something that seems to be a shadow of the clouds about five miles from the ship. As the ship approaches the shadow, he realized that it was something different. The photographer took many shots but he did not posted any of them until a year after the said image went viral….God is the greatest

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