FLASHBACK: See What Pete Edochie Did That Made Kidnappers Release Him Without paying any Ransom

One of the veterans in the Nollywood industry and has built the movie industry is Pete Edochie. Pete Edochie came into the limelight after he played the role of Okonkwo in the blockbuster “Things Fall Apart”.

Recall that the actor was kidnapped by some young boys when he was coming back from church. Some boys kidnapped him for a ransom. They entered the church, gave some firing shots, and took the man along.

According to Pete, he wasn’t tensed but described the incident as a bad experience. He disclosed that he wasn’t scared at all. He disclosed that he had a chat with the kidnappers and they revealed their anger to him about how politicians in the country were ripping this country off.

After several intellectual talks with the kidnappers, they dropped him off somewhere in the night and he picked a car back home.

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