First wife storms husband’s wedding; Causes confusion to stop him from marrying second wife (Video)

A woman has disrupted her husband’s plan to marry a second wife in Minna, Niger state.

It happened that she stormed the venue of the wedding between her husband and his new wife and created a scene.

Northern Hibiscus who shared the story online wrote;

”The story is, first wife went to the husband’s event as he takes another wife.

Toh uwargida wanted to show that she owned the husband now went to take picture but sat on his lap.

Husband push first wife, first wife fall. First wife now vex

She stood up and mistakenly hit the Amarya. Amarya’s dangi retaliated.


She was was beaten mercilessly har aka yayyaga mata kaya.

Even though she didn’t go down with out a fight. A warrior indeed.

This happened in Minna Niger state.”

Watch video below:-

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