Father Who ran into burning house to save baby twins gets burned beyond recognition (Photos)

A father has been hailed a hero after running into his burning house to save his baby twins.

Ray Lucas, 23, and his girlfriend Shi’Ann Brown came back from a trip to the shops to buy milk to find their home in Eastpointe, Michigan, USA, engulfed in flames.

Father runs into burning house to save baby twins

Ray’s mother had been watching the girls and was in the front garden panicking and trying to get help.

Their twin daughters Malaysia and Milan, who are 18 months old, were trapped in the basement in their crib as the flames spread through the three floors.

Mr Lucas was not sure firefighters would arrive in time, so he dashed into the burning building to save his children.

“I was speechless. Action took over me. I ran into the house to get my babies,” Lucas, 23, told CNN. “I’m looking at it as a father. I did anything that any other father would do or should do,” he said.

The fire on July 17 was spreading through three floors inside, including the basement where Malaysia and Milan were in their crib, Lucas said. He wasn’t sure the fire department would get there in time.

He plunged into the burning building, quickly discovering that he couldn’t see anything due to the flames. But he knew his way around and headed to the basement.

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