Emergency as Married Man Hides Side Chick under Bed after wife returns home unexpectedly

A young lady had a bad day at her sugar daddy’s resident after his wife chanced on them few moments she visited him. She reported to his house so they could have some good time together but everything capsized.

In the uncomfortable scene, the side chick took a sharp plan to hide under his bed after information reached them that, his wife is returning home.

For safety reasons, the young lady had to hide under her sugar daddy’s bed after his wife returned home unexpectedly. But her plan couldn’t save her from the mess.

On arrival to the house, the wife suspected her husband, she could realize something wasn’t right. She confronted her husband disclosing that, she can hear voice of a lady in the room.

Upon further investigations, she chanced on the young lady under their matrimonial bed.

The young lady could not control her breath because the man disposes his smelly shoes under his bed making it uncomfortable for her stay.

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