Egyptian Man Removes All His Teeth To Weave A Necklace For His Girlfriend (video)

We have heard of people tattooing the names of their loved ones on their bodies, others also do all manner of insane things just to prove their love for their partners but we have never heard of anyone removing his teeth for his or her partner just to prove his or her affections until now.

In some ways, love drives a person insane. When it’s your first love, you become the dumbest, but if you’ve dated more than twice or thrice, you’ll become more grounded. Your expectations have matured, and you are more pragmatic than idealistic.

For this man, we can tell this is his first time finding true love and for that reason, he went to the extent of weaving a necklace for his beloved using his removed teeth just to express his affections.

See the photo below:

Screenshot 80 1

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