Don’t date a lady who can’t pay her own transport fare to visit you – Pretty lady tells men

A beautiful lady simply known as Sandy has taken to social media to advise men to shun entertaining broke girls in their life, especially those who do not have transport fares to come and spend quality time with them.

The lady in a post shared on Facebook, listed some unacceptable behaviours exhibited by some modern women.

Sandy also condemned ladies for not doing enough to prove their love, adding that men never forget women who take care of them or act selflessly while in relationships.

She wrote; “A girl who doesn’t have transport fare to see someone who she claims she loves.

“A lady who can’t get you a birthday or a Valentine’s day gift, but expects you to bring down the world for her.

“Someone who can’t comfortably call you on phone for 5mins. Always flashing and complaining she doesn’t have airtime even when you know you just sent her airtime.

“Someone who thinks relationship is an occupation where she is supposed to be paid and taken care of Someone who’s only contribution to the relationship is s. e. K. x. (which is enjoyed by both parties.) She can’t add value to ur life emotionally, financially, spiritually. No matter how beautiful a lady is, never settle for less, some ladies have money & bliv it’s a guy’s duty to spend.

“I know some ladies will frown at this but I am not saying this because I have heaven n earth, no. Little things like this count in a relationship. No man can forget a lady who does this no matter how things ended between them.”

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