“Its Dangerous!” – Doctors warns against women using vaginal discharge as perfume to attract men (Video)

Medical practitioners have warned women against a bizarre TikTok trend called “vabbing” that sees women use their vaginal discharge as perfume to attract men.

The trick, which is claimed to increase the chance of attracting men, has taken over the internet as women are using their vaginal discharge as perfume to attract men sexually.

Women take their vaginal fluids and dab them on their pulse points—especially behind the ears and neck—so it acts as a pheromone.

American Tiktokker Mandy Lee made the practice more popular after she talked about its apparent charm in a video that has garnered millions of views on the video sharing platform.

Another social media influencer, Jewlieah, also shared how she managed to secure a hot date at a gym after vabbing.

However, doctors have warned about the impending dangers of the ‘dangerous trend’.

Dr. Paraskevi Dimitriadi, a private gynecologist in London, warned that vabbing could lead to problems with fertility.

According to him, bacteria on women’s fingers can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, where the bugs spread from the cervix to organs higher up.

He noted that this can lead to scarring in the fallopian tubes, making it difficult for fertilised eggs to reach the womb.

Watch Jewlieah talk about the ‘magic’ of vabbing below,

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