Burna Boy Exposed Of Shipping A Prost!tute To Nigeria – Knacks Her Without Protection And Asks Her To Ab0rt Their Baby (Photos)

According to blogger Cutie Juls, Burna Boy had the courage to ship an ashewo all the way to Nigeria and even went ahead to knack her without protection when the lady in question is of his mother’s age and can give birth to him.

The post also disclosed that the lady got pregnant along the line but Burna Boy wasn’t interested in having a baby with an ashewo hence asked the lady to abort the baby which she refused initially but doesn’t know how they both ended that ugly circumstances between them.

The fact that Burna Boy knacked an ashewo isn’t an issue here but then knacking someone who can give birth to him is just indirectly stating that he can sleep with his mother and moreover not protecting himself and then asking the lady to abort the baby is the issue here.

Some people might argue that it’s his life and can do whatever he wants with it but what happens to the fact that he has a girlfriend who is far better than the lady he knacked that he needs to respect in the first place and not disgrace her the way he’s been doing.

Burna Boy has once publicly disgraced his girlfriend Stefflon Don when his supposed side chick came out to call him for ignoring her among other things and this is another embarrassing moment for her as this paints a picture that she’s not enough for him to respect her.

Screenshot below

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