Angry wife scatters her husband’s secret 2nd wedding by pouring “hot red oil” on New bride’s (Video)

A Nigerian man whose name remains unknown has found himself at the wrong end of a marriage.

According to reports, the funny yet sad incident happened on Sunday at the Orji area of Owerri, the Imo Capital.

An eye witness account of what ensued is below:

“True story, a person visited Apostolic Church at Orji in Owerri North to wed his second wife, but the church rejected him. He visited Altar of prayer Gospel ministry at Nkwo Orji same Owerri North and therefore the pastor accepted to wed them.”

“On the day of the marriage 25th been on Sunday, the main wife came and poured red oil on the second wife’s bridal gown. I was there and experienced it first hand. All these ministries, make una take una time. simply because of cash, you would like to go against the word of God.”

Watch the video below;

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