10 Nollywood Actresses Who Went Bald For A Movie Role, See How Much They Were Paid (Photos)

In this newsletter, I may be sharing with you 4 Nollywood actresses that shave their hair for a movie role and earned tens of millions out of their motion. those actresses are professionals who recognize the difficult and crony methods of the job, so going bald for a movie function is truely just regular

1) Mercy Johnson

The producers of the film, Magic films, showed that Mercy Johnson wad paid 5 million Naira to starred in the film. Mercy Johnson had previously shaved her hair off while appearing inside the film ” earlier than The light” in which she portrayed a cancer victim. according to the movie script, Mercy Johnson must pass bald for the movie role to be finished.

2) destiny Etiko


destiny Etiko net really worth: Actress future Etiko is one of the fastest and most sought out for actress in Nigerian. She is also a script creator, entertainer and a film director who has a internet really worth of $650, 000 greenbacks. She has as soon as featured in a film where she is needed to go bald before she can act the position well. As suggested, she become paid hundreds of thousands of airs for that particular function.

3) Oge Okoye

Oge Okoye has gone bald for a movie function. The beautiful nollywood actress became paid tens of millions of Naira to have her hair shaved off, she is to play the position of a widow within the film.

4) Toyin Abraham

This actress left a lot of her fans speechless while she allowed her hair to be shaved off for a movie role, she was paid five million naira for that unique movie. despite the fact that she didn’ t permit the position to affect her life-style, her choice is some thing that really worth extra than a professional idea.

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