5 Reasons Why Mercy Johnson’s Marriage Remains the Most Happiest (Photos)

Mercy Johnson has remained one of the most loved Celebrity in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Aside being successful in Nollywood her marriage has also been a successful one due to the way she handles her home.

After 10 years of marriage the bond between her and Okojie has been lite due to these 5 main reason.


1. She Creates Time for her Hubby and Children

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson never jokes with his husband and children’s welfare, aside being a politician and actress, she is a caring wife and mother. She spends quality time with her family which many celebrities doesn’t do often.

2. She doesn’t Live a Fake Audio Life

When marriage becomes a Public Mather, problem will eventually set in. Mercy Johnson has successfully kept social media away from her family privacy. When ever she makes a post, it’s always real with nothing fake attached to it.

3. They Started Early

She and her husband understood each other’s faults before they married and they know exactly how to make each other happy. That has established them since marriage. Yes Planning before marriage produces a good home.

4. They Play Alot

Mecry is a very jovail person and that has transcended to her children and husband. The are always seen olauinyand cuddling which has in return strengthened their bond.

5. Faithfulness in marriage

The two Love birds has remain behind each other since marriage. They has been faithful to each other and this has made them who they are.

Indeed, their marriage is enviable.

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