It’s Very Important To Buy A Car For Your girlfriend Before Marriage – Nigerian Lady (Video)

Ifeoma Precious, a young lady from Nigeria, has taken to social media to urge men to make sure they have a car before getting married.

She said it is imperative for a man to either buy a car for his partner or have one of his own before they decide to walk down the aisle.

Ifeoma claimed that it is an unpleasant sight to see women who are expecting or nursing their babies walking under the hot sun because they have no vehicle.

She wrote; ‘‘As a man, it’s imperative to own a car or get a car for your partner before marriage.

It’s very irritating to see pregnant women and women with babies and toddlers trekking in the hot sun. Men, do better.”

See how netizens reacted below…

@Vikky4_; So a man that doesn’t have a car shouldn’t think of getting married? The last time I checked, a car is not sold for 100, 000 naira.

@Abigail_Oloda; Must the man buy the car? Sheybi we all agreed that we are in the equality era so why is it the duty of the man to buy car? Sheybi it’s a 50:50 something? Let the women too buy car na.

@_peesee; In as much as those people you are refering to don’t like it, all hands are not equal. Not everyone can afford to own a car, not having a car doesn’t mean he isn’t giving his best. Is everyone in your family a car owner? A house owner? Please let them take a step at a time

@Mrebuzzz; It all falls back to what the man desires and what he wants for himself… For me I cannot stand my wife using public transport. When I see women with their kids go through that hell it gives me millions of goosebumps.

@TeerachCraft; As cool as buying a car before making babies is,it’s not a do or die for men when he can’t afford it. Men who couldn’t financially are still men regardless and men who could are not more men. Life happens and knowing this will reduce all these unreasonable standard here and there

@yekaso; As a woman it’s a shame to depend on a man. Why can’t you buy your own car before marriage? Do men have 2 heads? If as a woman you can’t trek under the sun when pregnant, marry when you have your own car.

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