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Newly Married Lady Discovers Husband Has No Legs After Their Wedding (Video)

A differently-abled man, identified simply as Jado, has told how he hid his disability from his fiancee until they got married, fearing she may reject him.

The couple dated for two years before deciding to get married, but little did the bride knew her groom has no legs.

Jado, who lost his legs in a bomb blast as a child, claimed that he hid his condition from his wife out of fear she would reject him.

According to her, she discovered the truth after her marriage, but she was neither angry nor disappointed with her husband after he explained the reason for his actions.

The couple shared how the bride’s family advised her to end the marriage after they also learned about Jado’s condition.

At the time they granted the interview, they had been married for eight months and said it has been the best thing they had ever experienced.

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