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“Trust Nobody”- Nigerian Man Suffers Heartbreak after checking his wife’s WhatsApp (Photos)

The use of social networking platforms may have a very positive or negative affect on relationships if they are not treated properly. Since it is now difficult for a third person to enter the information at the end of encryption, WhatsApp has become one of the most important means of communication.

When private knowledge falls into the wrong hands, though, the results can be tragic. Many of the most beautiful relationships have been torn apart by the use of social media that will never be repaired.

A man leaked chats from a meeting with his wife and her predecessor on social networking pages. The woman’s lack of feelings for her husband is clear from their conversations.

It would be impossible for a woman to convince and persuade her husband to see things differently. Unless the Holy Spirit intervenes, this relationship will end as an individual, according to the discussion below.

Here are several screenshots of her husband’s alleged correspondence with the victim

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