“The Good Boy Can’t Love Again” – Heartbroken Man Tattoos Lengthy Note On His Body After His Girlfriend Reportedly Dumped Him (Photos)

A heartbroken young man has taken to social media to show off a long note tattooed on his body after his girlfriend allegedly dumped him.

It was discovered that after his girlfriend broke up with him, the young man inked a lengthy note on his body narrating how he had so many romantic plans.

In the article, he added that he wouldn’t forget her that easily, but because of what she’s done, he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to love any girl again.

”I got many plans to love you but never believe I will lose you so soon but can’t forget you in a hurry cos you make me discover my talent. you make me amarron the good boy can’t love again (fake Love)”, the tattoo read.

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