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Nigerian Lady Replies Those Asking Why She’s Dating Her ‘Younger Brother’s Age Mate’ After She Showed Off Her Boyfriend (Video)

A Nigerian woman has responded to those who asked her why she is dating her “younger brother’s” peer after bragging about her boyfriend.

Nigerian lady replies


The young woman had taken to the popular video-sharing platform, TikTok to share a slideshow of herself and her boyfriend, whom she calls her “soulmate”.

However, social media users were quick to point out that her lover looks shorter than her and wondered if he is her boyfriend or her younger brother.

In response to some of the negative comments, the lady shared videos of herself kissing her boyfriend to dispel any doubts about the nature of their relationship.

Watch the videos she shared below,

In other news, a Nigerian lady got a little angry by the comments that followed a viral video of hers in which she revealed that her relationship with her boyfriend is 20 years strong.

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