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‘Allow Your Husbands/Boyfriends Cheat, Have S ex Outside” – Lady Advises Nigerian Women (Video)

A Nigerian lady has shocked many social media users after she advised women to allow their husbands to cheat and have sex outside marriage.

The young lady shared a video advising Nigerian women to allow their husbands to have sex outside marriage with concubines, slay mamas and slay queens.

The video was then shared by Wale Gates on Twitter, who wrote;

When I tell una say Nigeria is the best place to be a married man. Una go dey fight me. ??‍♂️
Anyway! Ladies, Please listen to your sister

The lady said that it is safe for women not to know if their husbands or boyfriends cheat, as they can’t stop him. See what she said below;

“whether your husband or boyfriend cheats, to be on the safe side, it’s better you don’t know.”

“Don’t even snoop around because he will cheat when he is ready to cheat. You can’t stop him. The best is to share him with the other lady he cheats with.”

“It’s the lady he cheats with outside that’s keeping your home……”

“You go fit nack everyday? You go fit do all the sex styles, you go fit do snake in the monkey shadow? You cannot…….”

Watch the video below:

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