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67-Year-Old Nigerian Man Invents Stove that Uses only Water to Cook (Video)

Hadi Usman, a man from Jekadafari in Gombe state, created this groundbreaking invention.

Usman’s stove, according to the narrative, can run without the use of gas or kerosine. This has piqued people’s interest, with many speculating that it could mitigate the impact of the high cost of cooking gas.

The unique stove creates fire by combining water and air pressure, an incredible notion he showed in a video.

To ensure that the innovation gets mass produced, the electronics specialist is seeking the help of key institutions.

Why he came up with the idea for a water-cooking stove?

According to reports, the electronics technician’s invention was motivated by his desire to reduce the expense of utilizing gas and kerosene which keeps rising from time to time.

Had demonstrated how the water-cooking stove generates fire in a YouTube video circulating online.

The gifted man, who previously built a radio transmitter and ran a community radio station, now wants key institutions to assist him in getting his invention patented. Not only, he also wants collaboration to assure that it can be mass produced.

Kindly watch video below to learn


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