Wife Uses hidden CCTV To Catch her Husband enjoying Their Househelp (Video)

A popular bishop has been caught red-handed cheating on his wife after she installed a CCTV camera in their bedroom and sitting room.

According to The Nairobian, Irene Kavata, the wife of Bishop Jonathan Musyoki Muthoka of Jesus Liberation Ministry International, claims the man of God has been sleeping in their marital bed with his niece whom he had brought as a house help in their Savannah estate home in Nairobi.

The infidelity forced the wife to separate for a month with the bishop, who also works as a sales manager for a telecommunications firm. Kavata has since moved to court seeking maintenance and upkeep payments for their children.

In a sworn affidavit dated July 19, 2016, Kavata reveals that Bishop Muthoka has been cheating on her since their grand church wedding in 2008 after they had cohabited for seven years.

In the court documents, Kavata claims that she discovered his infidelity during their honeymoon. Her affidavit reads: “The applicant states that she has been subjected to live under psychological and physical torture since she found out that the defendant was having extra-marital affairs with women known and unknown to her.”

It further states that, “…each and every house help whom they employs has to be subjected to sex with the defendant, who enjoys socialising with women in church, place of work and other places as he travels a lot due to the nature of his work,” and that his sexual maniaendangers her life.

bishop caught by wife
The bishop and alleged househelp having sex

Kavata claims the housegirl in question is almost the age of their daughter who is barely 18, making their sexual escapades in the same house a taboo.

Kavata claims that the CCTV evidence which The Nairobian has seen is overwhelming evidence of his promiscuity.

She is now demanding monthly payment from Muthoka of Sh25,000 for house rent, Sh30,000 for food, Sh6,000 for house help, Sh1,500 for electricity, in addition to Sh25,000 annually for clothing and Sh6,500 for their children’s school transport, besides their school fees as per fee structure, together with medical and other related expenses.

Kavata installed two close circuit cameras to monitor her husband’s movements in their three bed-roomed house.

The two cameras were installed in May and a month’s recording was enough to nail the man and the house help.

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